The May 2020 Philly Non-Sports Card Show will feature many awesome guests including prolific character actor William Sanderson and three artists who have worked on Star Wars, Garbage Pail Kids, Marvel, Wacky Packages, Hallowe’en, Mars Attacks, and many other non-sport series. On the pages linked below, you can see their bio’s, sample of their artwork, and links to their social media pages.

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[mk_flipbox image=”” front_title=”William Sanderson” back_title=”William Sanderson” back_desc=”Blade Runner, Deadwood, True Blood, Newhart, Last Man Standing, more….” button_url=”” button_text=”William’s Bio Page”]
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[mk_flipbox image=”” front_title=”Ingrid Hardy” back_title=”Ingrid Hardy” back_desc=”Star Wars, Marvel, The Walking Dead, Hallowe’en, Lord of the Rings, more….” button_url=”” button_text=”Ingrid’s Bio Page”]
[mk_flipbox image=”” front_title=”Robert Jimenez” back_title=”Robert Jimenez” back_desc=”Garbage Pail Kids, Mars Attacks, Fearsome Weirdos, Firefly, Wacky Packages, more…” button_url=”” button_text=”Robert’s Bio Page”]
[mk_flipbox image=”” front_title=”Lily Mercado” back_title=”Lily Mercado” back_desc=”Star Wars, Garbage Pail Kids, Mars Attacks, Art of TMNT, more….” button_url=”” button_text=”Lily’s Bio Page”]