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The artist line-up for the Spring Philly Non-Sports Card Show includes the very talented artists listed below. (tip: click on card titles in blue to see sample of the artists’ work)

Mick & Matt Glebe

Mick and Matt Glebe

The Glebe twins, Mick and Matt, started drawing from a very young age. They were inspired by the artistry of Frank Miller, Alex Ross, and Norman Rockwell. They are self-taught illustrators known for their stunning and realistically styled artwork that is rendered in traditional mixed medium. Many of their projects are pop-culture driven illustrations of official licenses for Marvel, Star Wars, DC, AMC’s The Walking Dead, and many more. They also have a plethora of original projects, like their children’s stories and comic book graphic novels; such as The Joy Of Toys, The Man In The Hat (The MITH), and their free download Star Wars comic Vagabond. Also, they have an exciting new comic book project to be announced in 2013! Both Mick and Matt retain a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computer Graphic Design with a Minor in Studio Art. Together they are co-owners of Twynsunz Inc. along with Creative Director and Artist Kathy Glebe.

Select trading card credits: Star Wars Galaxy, Vampirella, DC Comics: The New 52, Dungeon Dolls, Marvel Universe 2011, Contemporary Pinups, Classic Mythology, Marvel 2012 Greatest Heroes, Warlord of Mars. Visit their website at . Also, be sure to check out The Art of Mick & Matt Glebe on Facebook and their DeviantArt page.

Rhiannon Owens

Rhiannon Owens

That goofy Owens girl! She’s everywhere! RUN!  Rhiannon has been doing sketch cards for 4 years now. She can regularly be found on Marvel sets by Rittenhouse Archives and Upper Deck and doing Star Wars sketch cards for Topps. Rhiannon has also done work for Bad Axe Studios, Breygent, 5FINITY, Cryptozoic Entertainment and seven other companies. An artist 24/7, she works from home doing multiple sets congruently and is known for two things: drawing strong, heroic women and a ridiculously tall mohawk. Yes. a MOHAWK. She travels the country appearing at shows during peak Conventions seasons, but considers the Philly NSU show a home away from home. This coming year she will have her first hardcover collection of work on hand and brand new sketchbooks along with an exclusive release and new cards just for the NSU show.

Select trading card credits: Star Wars Galactic Files, Star Wars GalaxyDC Comics, Dungeon Dolls, The Walking Dead, Red Sonja, Tarzan 100th Anniversary, Classic Mythology, Contemporary Pinups, Lady Death, and Treasure Chest and Booty. Visit Rhiannon’s DeviantArt page and her Facebook page.

Sean Pence

Sean Pence

Sean is a self-taught portrait artist and 2013 marks his 10-year anniversary in the trading card field. During the last decade, he has contributed thousands of sketch cards to at least 50 different sets from various companies, including Topps, Rittenhouse & Breygent. Some licenses have included Star Wars, X-Men 3, The Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Farscape, Iron Man, Vampirella, Battlestar Galactica, Mars Attacks, Heroes, Dexter and Bench Warmer to name just a few.

Select trading card credits: Star Wars Galaxy, The Walking Dead, The X-Men, Vampirella, Heroes, The Munsters, Cartoon Sketch card series, Iron Man, Xena, Dexter, Battlestar Galactica, and Star Trek. Visit Sean’s DeviantArt page and website and follow Sean on Twitter at @SeanPence.

Dave Sharpe

Dave Sharpe

Dave Sharpe graduated the Joe Kubert school WAY back in 1990. He started in the summer of 1990 hand lettering in the Marvel Bullpen. After freelancing and teaching lettering at the Joe Kubert School in the mid-90s, Dave came back on staff and developed and helmed the Marvel in-house lettering department. In 2002 he went back to life as a freelancer and in 2010 started lettering regularly for DC on titles such as Batgirl, Green Lantern Corps., Green Lantern New Guardians, Birds of Prey and Batman Inc.  He also loves to letter independent comics and is involved in a number of projects coming out in 2013 as well as continuing to teach lettering online at Comics Experience. In the last year, Dave has done a large amount of trading and sketch cards, working on various card sets for many companies including Breygent Marketing, Cult Stuff, Unstoppable Cards, and Cryptozoic Entertainment. Dave is in an awesome band from Harrisburg, PA called Dead Cowboy (hard rock and metal). He is happily married with two kids and is also big and scary—but he promises that he won’t bite, or at least he won’t break skin.

Select trading card credits: Deadworld, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Titanic, Pulp Detectives, Sherlock Holmes, Burlesque, Wars of the Worlds, and upcoming sets including Civil War, Fantasy Art, Superman, and Carnival. Visit Dave’s Facebook page: Dave Sharpe.

Lark Sudol

Lark Sudol

For Sudol, drawing is a life long passion. She has done private commissions for several years. Her style embraces the grotesque and surreal and she is drawn to many of the elements in horror and science fiction. Sudol says “I have just started working on sketch cards, namely Mars Attacks Heritage And Star Wars. I absolutely love it. While I enjoy the positive feedback that I have received on my own cards, I think that my favorite thing is seeing  the wonderful variety of artistic vision from so many artists coming into play on one subject.”

Select trading card credits: DC Comics: Superman The Legend, The Walking Dead Season Two, Mars Attacks Heritage, and Star Wars Galactic Files. Visit Lark’s website:

Jeff Zapata

Jeff Zapata

After 12 years of working as an Editor / Artist for such comic book companies as Valiant, Acclaim and Crusade Comics, Jeff Zapata landed at The Topps Company in the late 90′s to produce souvenir magazines for Star Wars: Episode One. Shortly after the success of the movie and magazines, Jeff took on marketing and product development for the Topps Entertainment Dept., which eventually led to creating, editing and art directing trading cards (including Wacky Packages, GPK, Mars Attacks and Hollywood Zombies). 13 Years later, Zapata recently stepped down as Editor / Artist for the company and now currently works freelance for Topps and other trading card companies.

Select trading card credits: Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail Kids, Mars Attacks, Vampirella, Marvel Bronze Age, and Red Sonja.


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  2. Richard Paul Hall January 15, 2013 Reply

    Could you post sketch cards by your guests. Its hard to get interested in an artist's work when you have not seen the work!

    • admin January 15, 2013 Reply

      Hi Richard: Sketches by some of the artists are already on the page. In the "select trading card credits" section, click on the card set's name listed in blue to see them. For example, in the Glebe Brothers section, you can click on Star Wars Galaxy and DC Comics: The New 52 to see samples of their incredible work from those two series. We'll be adding more bio's, credits, and image links like this soon.

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