James Warhola

James Warhola’s roots are from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Interested in art at early age, he landed in the Big Apple in 1977 and began work in advertising. Think Madmen…if you dare, except James’s destination was not to be Madison Avenue but the madness of Mad Magazine. He continued his art studies at the prestigious Art Student’s League.

In addition to working on MAD, he moonlighted for 15 years as a sci-fi paperback hack, reluctantly becoming highly respected as he created over 400 covers. His work has been shown at The Museum of American Illustration as well as many other museums and galleries throughout the world. His covers can still be seen on well-known books such as Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land and Gibson’s Neuromancer.

As life has it, he hit rock bottom and was drafted by Topps for Garbage Pail Kids. Little did James know that it would become the pinnacle of his career!

In 1987, James veered off again illustrating his first children’s book called The Pumpkinville Mystery. It quickly became a Halloween hit. Ditching the label – James Warhola – Garbage Pail Artist, he went on to illustrate over 40 children’s picture books. His books have won him many awards but his most successful is – Uncle Andy’s, a childhood memory of visiting his famous uncle, Andy Warhol.

In 2017, a retrospective of his life’s work was at the Norman Rockwell Museum along side two of his heroes – Norman Rockwell and uncle, Andy Warhol.

Recently he has a one-man show traveling in Europe.

James Warhola resides in New York City.

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