Layron DeJarnette

Layron DeJarnette has worked at various studios, including Marvel Animation as a character artist on Avengers Assemble and Six Point Harness, as art director for Mattel’s Monster High animated web series and Barbie motion comics. While working at Wildbrain, Layron operated as character design supervisor, designing and animating characters for HBO’s The Ricky Gervais Show. Other clients include Warner Bros. Animation, DC Comics, Duck Studios, Hyperion Pictures and Klasky Csupo.

Layron is a renowned Garbage Pail Kids artist for The Topps Company and has illustrated trading cards for the Hollywood Zombies series as well as sketch cards for Mars Attacks and many other trading card companies including Upper Deck and Cryptozoic Entertainment. He has provided caricature work for various publications and has illustrated numerous children’s and humorous books, including five New York Times Bestseller books for comedian Jeff Foxworthy and two books for The Wayans Bros.

His fashion trademark is wearing colorful Kangols with matching shirts.

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