Neil Camera

Neil Camera was raised on a good dose of Norm Saunders and Wally Wood. He began taking an interest in comic book illustration at an early age. Once the shackles of lower education were broken, he ran off to Joe Kubert’s School of Art, then got a BFA at the University of Colorado, but soon learned art doesn’t pay. To make ends meet, he resorted to graphic design and found interesting gigs at the Rocky Mountain News and Estes Rockets.

In his ongoing pursuit of aesthetic enlightenment, Neil takes the occasional coffee break to create Topps’ Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail Kids, Mars Attacks and other essential household products, which he’s been doing since 2003.

Other accomplishments and feats of strength include co-editor of Wacky Packages comics; Project Coordinator for Artists On Demand program, Wacky Packages Postcards, and Wacky Packages Original Series Binders; Creator of Mars Attacks Attacky Packages and Wonky Packages brands; And pre-press Designer for Topps Digital.

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