Philly Non-Sports Card Show #57 Show Report

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by Roxanne Toser

It’s always fun to write about the Philly Show because the Philly Show is a lot of fun. This particular show was even more fun than usual because some of us decided to wear alien gear in honor of the 50th anniversary of Mars Attacks (the theme of the show). It wasn’t easy to find anything because the Halloween shops, etc. seemed to have costumes for everything except aliens. eBay was helpful so the Tosers managed to come dressed in costumes. There are many pictures on our blog found in two sets (Saturday photos, Sunday photos).

The attendance was great. Not quite as many people as we had for the spring show but the attendance is always better at the spring show. This time there were about 500. There was a very long line of people waiting to get in on Saturday and the first 25 were given a Halloween grab bag of Mars Attacks tattoos and a Mars Attacks button. Ditto for the first 25 on Sunday.

We worked very hard to get Mars Attacks prizes from the licensees to be given away during the show. A lot of people walked away happy with prizes such as the Mars Attacks books from Abrams, Funko vinyl figures and bobbin’ heads, an uncut Mars Attacks Heritage sheet and an uncut Star Wars Galactic Files sheet from Topps, a Mars Attacks Heritage sketch card from collector Bob Hulsart, a gold Mars Attacks comic book from the 1990s from Bill DeFranzo, codes from GelaSkins to order phone or iPad covers, a Battlestar Galactica Cylon Centurion model from Moebius Models, a Vote Giclee print by Zina Saunders, Mars Attacks Heritage retail box and binder, Attack from Space retail box and binder, and a signed Wacky Packages Comic from ShopTopps. The grand prize was a 56 issue Mars Attacks Comics Deluxe Box set from IDW Publishing. Besides the prizes, there were approximately 46 different promos including those in the paid admission packs and at manufacturer and artist tables.

There really is something for everyone who is a non-sport card collector at the Philly show. You will find cards from the late 1800s and the very newest cards. There are many related collectibles as well. You will find both non-graded and graded cards, singles, sets, boxes, cases, uncut sheets, etc. It really pays to save your money for the twice a year show. The next show will be May 4 and 5, with a Star Wars theme. When we realized the date we selected was May 4 (may the force or 4th be with you), we knew this was a very important Star Wars date so it was easy to pick this as the theme.

Collectors came from far and wide. Frédéric Szymkiewiez from France made his second trip to the show. There were collectors from Canada, attendees from 16 different states and table holders from California and Georgia. We might mention Missouri and Florida, too. A popular part of the show is the artists. This time, we had Doug Cowan, Sara Richard, Brian Kong, Ed Repka, Lark Sudol and Ted Dastick, Jr. These artists were set-up in what we consider our “artist’s alley.” Laura Inglis, and Chrissy Spallone (representing Monsterwax) were also available to do sketches. We started a new tradition at the last fall show—having the artists decorate pumpkins—and everyone else voting for their favorite pumpkin. Sara Richard won and received a $50 Amazon gift card. It was a very close contest. You can see all of the pumpkins on our blog.

The Hilton Garden Inn (host hotel) supplies a shuttle to take guests to the Sands Casino in Bethlehem. A group took advantage of this. Later in the evening, a large groups meets up at Red Robin, which is located on the grounds of the Hilton. This has definitely become a tradition and knowing this, Tom Breyer from Breygent Marketing gave all attendees a card drawn by Jim Kyle which said Red Robin on the back. This was really special.

On Sunday morning, the Card Talk meeting took place at the Hilton. Adam Levine from Topps was the guest speaker and told us all about what is planned for the future of Mars Attacks. He was very interesting and informative. About 60 people attended and everyone in the room received a prize.See you in the spring.

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