Smokin’ Joe

Smokin’ Joe grew up in the suburbs of Detroit collecting Wacky Packages in the mid 70s. Like most kids at the time, he was obsessed with them. Joe says “I suffered the razor sharp bubble gum each month just so I could gaze upon those hypnotic little artist masterpieces.” Flash-forward to 2005 when Joe discovered Topps was bringing Wacky Packages to a new generation. He wrote them a letter asking if he could contribute. Guess what? He got hired two weeks later and joined the team contributing concept gag concepts, rough sketches, and completed paintings starting with Wacky Packages ANS3. He’s been a contributor ever since. He’s since worked many more series of Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail Kids, Monster Sketch Cards, and Artists on Demand.

See Smokin’ Joe’s online portfolio:

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