Ted Dastick Jr.

Ted Dastick Jr. describes himself as a collector who likes to draw. He has been doing sketch cards for over ten years and says it’s a thrill every time his work is released with a new card set. “Never did I dream I’d be working with companies like Topps or on licenses like Star Wars, these are things I grew up on” says Ted.

In addition to his trading card work, Ted has done work for the Philadelphia Phillies, Horrorfind Weekend, Scares That Care, several T-shirt websites like Teefury and RIPT Apparel as well as many charity projects and private collections.

Recently, Ted has worked on Dawn of the Dead, The Evil Dead, and House of 1,000 Corpses (Fright-Rags), 2018 Star Wars Masterwork (Topps), The Jungle Book (Upper Deck/Goodwin Champions), Hallowe’en 3 (Perna Studios), Space 2 (Viceroy Cards), The Monstrous Art of Robert Aragon (MNS Cards).

Currently, Ted is working on sets for Topps and Upper Deck including more Star Wars, Stranger Things, X-Files, UFC, and others. Ted will have art featured in the Stranger Things Artbook from Penguin Random House, which releases October 15th.

Follow Ted Online:

web – tdastick.deviantart.com

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