The Fall 2020 Philly Non-Sports Card Show has gone virtual! We have a great set of sessions you can attend through Zoom. See details below.

To attend, you must purchase an “All Access Pass” from the bottom of the page. The pass will grant access to the sessions (as space permits) and two Philly Non-Sports Card Show red-border promo cards which you’ll receive in the mail after the show. These promos will not be available anywhere else and are part of our ongoing series.

Topps logo

Ira Friedman,
Jessica Kanzer

Friday (10/16) – 10 AM

Topps licensing and Garbage Pail Kids.

SideKick Trading Card Publishing

Tom Lichtman,
Adam Levine
SideKick Trading Card Publishing

Saturday (10/17) – 10 AM

SideKick projects and upcoming Mars Attacks trading cards.


Artist: Chenduz

Sunday (10/18) – 10 AM

Dutch artist Chenduz (Garbage Pail Kids, Rick & Morty, Ugly Stickers, Wacky Packages) talks about collecting cards and creating art from afar.

Gary Gerani

Gary Gerani

Friday (10/16) – 12 PM

For over three decades, Gary Gerani has worked for Topps. He has some fascinating stories to tell. Don’t miss this one.

Faerie Metal Photography logo

Julie & Jacob Stem
Faerie Metal Photography

Saturday (10/17) – 2 PM

Jake and Julie will discuss upcoming Faerie Metal projects.

Perna Studios

Tony & Elaine Perna
Perna Studios

Sunday (10/18) – 12 PM

Learn about upcoming trading cards from Perna Studios.

Details and links for attending the Zoom sessions will be emailed to buyers shortly before the virtual show, which takes place Friday October 16 through October 18.